Effective Ethanol Extraction with CannaTrue EPD System
Effective Ethanol Extraction
CannaTrue EPD System

As Safe as CO2. As Efficient as Butane.

The CannaTrue™ EPD System uses ethanol for safer extraction than alternate solvents without compromising efficiency. Ethanol extraction provides a fast, clean and full spectrum distillate method for capturing cannabinoids from cannabis and hemp.


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CannaTrue™ EPD Solvent Extraction System

The CannaTrue™ EPD System is a high-purity system composed of three modules for solvent extraction of cannabis and hemp oil.

Benefits & Features:

  • Inline winterization eliminates carry-over fats, waxes and lipids
  • Process many batches of biomass per day to achieve maximum extraction yield
  • Built modularly for effective extraction, purification & distillation
  • Greater than 90% ethanol removal

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