Columbia University Expands Laboratory Solvent Recycling Programs

Learn Why Solvent Recycling Costs the University a Small Amount Compared to Increased Savings, Sustainability Benefits & More

In 2001, Columbia University purchased one CBG solvent distillation unit for a histology department lab—a purchase that has saved the university nearly $600,000 on xylene and ethanol purchases over the course of 17 years.

Because of the program's success, the university has expanded its laboratory recycling programs to include additional CBG solvent distillation units, applications and solvents.

Read this case study to learn:

  • Why the university has been able to save over a half-million dollars on xylene and ethanol since 2001
  • How the CBG-Columbia partnership has continued to grow and produce additional cost savings
  • What other benefits, above and beyond cost savings and sustainability, have been realized due to the ongoing expansion of Columbia University's solvent recycling programs

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