What Onsite Solvent Distillation Does for CBG Biotech's Industrial Customers

Find Out How Recycling Your Own Solvents Improves Sustainability, Safety, Processes & Economics

Onsite solvent distillation delivers impactful results to our industrial customers, regardless of their size. Whether they're a one-location SLA/3D printing shop or a global Fortune 500 corporation, our customers see:

  • Major process efficiencies and enhanced quality
  • Improved employee safety
  • Initiated or invigorated sustainability efforts
  • Substantial cost savings

This case study will explain why and also describe:

  • Who our customers are
  • Which solvents they use and recycle
  • What typical challenges they face
  • How we work with them to develop solutions to meet these challenges
  • What benefits they typically realize as a result of onsite solvent recycling

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