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SolvTrue™ Industrial Solvent Recyclers

Industrial Solvent Recycling: Reducing Waste and Cost

Solvents play a crucial role in many industrial processes, but their use can also have a significant impact on the environment and the bottom line. This is where industrial solvent recycling comes in, as it offers a solution to reduce both waste and cost.

Solvent recycling refers to the process of collecting and purifying used solvents for reuse in industrial applications. This practice has numerous benefits, including reducing waste generation and the cost of waste disposal, as well as saving money on the purchase of new solvents.

In addition to reducing waste and cost, industrial solvent recycling also helps to minimize the environmental impact of solvent use. By reusing solvents instead of disposing of them, less new solvent needs to be produced, reducing the use of non-renewable resources and the emissions associated with their production.

What our customers say

"We do not have to return dirty solvent to the supplier to be cleaned. This saves us time, labor and money. I would suggest to anyone using a solvent based cleaning system to implement a CBG distillation system."
- Bob Staufer, Vice President

"The SolvTrue™ PW-4 allows us to use very expensive materials for a longer period of time."
- Luke Pincine, Data Processing Director

Solvent Recovery Systems for Your Industrial Needs

CBG offers both fractional and simple production distillation systems for recycling and reusing solvents in industrial applications including parts washing and degreasing, composites, painting, SLA 3D printing and printing.

Our recyclers are compatible with common industrial solvents including Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), Dipropylene Glycol (DPM), Methylene Chloride, Trans-1,2-dichloroethylene Blends, Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene, Vertrel™ Series, Novec™ Series, n-propyl Bromide and more.

SolvTrue™ Industrial Solvent Recycling & Recovery Systems

Our SolvTrue™ industrial solvent recyclers improve operational and production processes by reducing solvent waste and disposal costs and allowing you to maintain an efficient and sustainable operation without compromising quality or safety. 


Six Signs Solvent Recycling is Right for Your Company

Identify the Signs and Understand the Benefits