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Industrial Customer Success Stories

Hearing Aid Manufacturer GN ReSound Reduces Solvent Costs by 90%" per CBG.

Read how a Minnesota hearing aid manufacturer who uses isopropyl alcohol to clean laser-formed plastic parts successfully benefited from one of CBG’s solvent reclaiming units to reduce the company's solvent purchase and disposal costs by 90%.

ChemGenes Corporation Focuses Toxics-Use Reduction Efforts on Lessening Toxic Solvent Consumption

Read about how ChemGenes expects to reduce the use of hexane and ethyl acetate by 27,000 pounds, or 70% annually, through one of our solvent recovery solutions.

General Formulations Recovers 92% of Recycled Solvent on Average

Find out why our solvent recycling solution has helped General Formulations, a major manufacturer of several solvent- and water-based coating lines, recover 92% of solvent by weight on average—time and time again.

Hand Tool Manufacturer Uses CBG’s PW4™ Avoids Production Shutdowns

Read about a Montana manufacturer integrating their Baron-Blakeslee degreaser with CBG’s PW4™ Solvent Recycling System to greatly improve their production cleaning process.

Massachusetts Manufacturer Integrates CBG’s PW4™ in Their Production Process

See how Norpin Manufacturing realized production process improvements and reduced solvent usage by 50% with CBG’s Solvent Recycling System.

Achieving Dramatic Gains in Productivity – Coater Integrates CBG Recycler to Their Vapor Degreaser for Continuous Operations

Learn how a high performance coater in Ohio realizes clean solvent in their vapor degreaser to always get pristinely clean parts through their system.

Laboratory Customer Success Stories


Nearly 3,000 Gallons of Acetone Recovered at Columbia University

Read about how we’ve helped Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) save thousands of dollars on solvent purchases and waste disposal with effective acetone, xylene and ethanol recovery programs.

Reclaiming Xylene and Ethanol in a Laboratory Setting

A histology laboratory was spending more than $1,300 each month to purchase and dispose of 50 gallons of xylene and 85 gallons of ethanol. Learn more about how the lab lowered the cost of its xylene purchases by 95%—and the cost of its ethanol purchases by 90%—by installing a CBG Biotech 5-gallon solvent reclaiming unit.

Solvent Recovery Makes the Grade in Yale Chemistry Labs

Professor Christine Dimeglio and her 250 to 300 undergraduate students clean their laboratory glassware with one of our CBG units to recycle 100% of the acetone used during lab. Learn more about how our solvent recovery system is making an important difference in the undergraduate teaching labs at Yale University.

UC Merced Chemistry Professor Greatly Reduces Chemical Waste 

University of California, Merced Chemistry Professor Jason Hein and his students produce a lot of chemical waste. With our help, Hein found a way to clean up the waste and reuse it, saving money and helping the environment at the same time.

Essential Oils Customer Success Stories

Mary’s Medicinals Maximizes Production Capacity and Reduces Costs

An award-winning developer of cannabis-based products, Mary’s Medicinals specializes in combining horticulture and technology to deliver innovative natural therapies for pain management and relief. The company’s success hinges upon its partnership with CBG.

“CBG has been an exceptional partner. As we rapidly expanded our operations over the last year, it was critical that we had a reliable, turnkey solution for extraction that allowed us to maximize our production capacity and minimize costs. While other companies in this space continue to use cobbled-together 'garage-built' equipment, we found that selecting an industry leading, UL-Listed solution allows us to create better products for the patients that rely on us. Furthermore, using a trusted CBG solution prevented countless headaches as we can easily make changes to stay current with evolving regulations and business demands, without complicated reconfiguration.”

- Nicole Smith, Founder of Mary's Medicinals

HAP-Free Solvents Customer Success Stories

Tennessee Urology Associates Experiences Time and Cost Savings Through Formula 83™ Usage

As the Laboratory Manager for the high-volume Tennessee Urology Associates practice, Karen Adams is the decision maker for all processes and chemicals used in the histopathology and cytology sections of the lab. Since 2008 they have utilized CBG’s Formula 83™ throughout their processing and staining protocols.

"As a laboratory manager for both clinical and anatomic labs, time and cost savings are paramount. When it comes to service I cannot speak highly enough of the team at CBG. I am always able to reach someone whenever and for whatever. I cannot speak highly enough of this product or this support provided by CBG."

- Karen Adams, Laboratory Manager, Tennessee Urology Associates

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