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Solvent Recycling and Recovery Experts Who Put Customers First

The experts at CBG Biotech take the time to transform customer relationships into strong partnerships. This is because we understand that strong partnerships are what allow us to develop the industry-leading solvent recycling solutions that bring safety, automation, sustainability, cost savings and—most importantly—improved quality throughput to your most critical lab and industrial applications. 

For over 20 years, we've relied on a set of customer-first core values—that promote ethical and honest behavior, personal accountability and teamwork—and four pillars of excellence (SASE = Sustainability, Automation, Safety and Economics) to deliver the solutions that set customers up for success.

Customer Benefits

Product Designs Depending on your specific application, we tailor our designs to meet your solvent recycling, recovery and production needs. This includes:

Flexibility – Our solvent recyclers can handle/process multiple solvent streams.

Integration – Our Parts Washing/Degreasing (PW) Series integrates directly into your production process and parts washing/degreasing equipment, positively impacting quality, eliminating labor costs and reducing maintenance cycles.

Value-Driven – Our solutions sustain themselves environmentally and economically and are based on your production needs and solvent use.

Safe Solvent Solutions – These include Xylene (F83), Toluene (F66) and d-Limonene (F52) substitutes.

Platform – We have fractional and simple distillation capabilities to program for more than one solvent stream, improving your recovery capabilities and reducing your waste generation and waste disposal costs.

Customer Service – Our highly trained, CBG certified employee technicians provide unparalleled insights and support.

Original CBG Parts – We have the components to meet your production requirements and to keep your laboratory operations running smoothly.

Safety – We have UL2208 certification on much of our equipment.

Volumes – We offer multiple series of our equipment, from 6G to 60G for industrial applications, and 2.5G to 10G for laboratory applications. We can meet your volume requirements—and will grow with you. Many of our units can run multiple batches per day, thereby increasing your capacity.

If you have any questions or comments, please visit our Contact Us page and a CBG representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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