Do It Yourself Preventative Maintenance

Service Your System with a DIY Kit

Preventative maintenance is an essential task that can often be overlooked. CBG Biotech's user-friendly DIY Preventative Maintenance Kit helps you service your solvent recycling system quickly and easily on your own, without the need for a service call. 

DIY Preventative Maintenance Kit 

Regular maintenance helps your system provide consistent solvent purity and reduce the risk of equipment downtime while increasing the lifespan of your solvent recycler. Our DIY Kit is user-friendly and includes all the necessary components for regular quick maintenance tasks to keep the system running safely and efficiently.  

What's Included 

Each kit contains oil change instructions and replacement parts. The premium package includes an oil change and flush. Both packages come with phone support if you would like CBG Biotech's expert assistance.



Equipment Operation and Maintenance Guidelines 

An oil change is recommended after every 1,000 hours of usage or once a year in a low volume processing environment. A system flush is recommended after every 2,000 hours of usage or every other oil change.

What Does Your Oil Look Like?

Have you checked your oil level and color?  If the level is too low or the oil is too dark contact a service representative immediately.

good oil level color

Level and color okay


bad oil level too low

Oil level too low

bad oil too dark

Oil too dark


bad too low and darl

Oil level too low and oil too dark

Learn More  

Keep your solvent recycling system running smoothly by investing in our user-friendly kit today.  Contact us to learn more about our Preventative Maintenance DIY Kit. 



Key Benefits 

  • Keeps your solvent recycling system running safely and efficiently 
  • Provides consistent solvent purity 
  • Reduces the risk of equipment downtime 
  • Ensures the longevity of your solvent recycler 
  • Requires less time later and provides cost savings for future check-up



Get Access to Technical Expertise

Servicing your own system is quick and efficient, but if you need assistance, our technicians can help.  We are here to answer your questions. 

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