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Reduce Costs and Minimize Environmental Impact

In today's environmentally conscious world, laboratories and industrial facilities are constantly seeking methods to reduce their environmental impact and operating costs. CBG Biotech offers a comprehensive suite of solvent recovery services designed to address both of these crucial needs. 

Let CBG Biotech help you:

  • Reduce solvent waste and disposal costs
  • Minimize your environmental footprint
  • Improve laboratory and production efficiency
  • Extend the lifespan of your solvent recycling equipment
Reduce Costs and Environmental Impact

On-site Start-up and Training Available

CBG Biotech's expert technicians can perform all necessary steps to get your company’s solvent recycling system up and running. Our techs can also provide operational training for your staff. To learn more about these additional services, please contact your sales rep for details.

Preventative Maintenance Services

CBG’s technicians perform the necessary steps to ensure that your solvent recycling system achieves optimal performance. Our team will make sure that the recycler’s components are cleaned and adjusted to produce high-quality recycled solvent to support your operational requirements.

SolvTrue™ & CannaTrue™ DIY Maintenance Kits

Our DIY Maintenance Kits keep your industrial solvent recycling system running safely and efficiently. Annual preventative maintenance, combined with using prepackaged DIY kits, promotes optimal performance and reduces risk of equipment downtime in your facility.

DIY Kits are available at two different levels.


PathTrue™ Essential Supply Kits

Keep your lab’s solvent recycling system up and running by having the most commonly needed supplies on hand.

CBG Biotech's PathTrue Essential Supply Kits are packaged to address your lab’s needs as they arise.



CBG Biotech launched a subscription-based service framework covering parts, service, and training. Now you can design a custom plan that precisely meets your business requirements. Our best-in-class annual subscription plans take the worry away with automated annual PM scheduling, technical support, and cost savings on supplies to keep your system pristine. Scale up or down as needed. Call 1-800-941-9484 today to learn more!


Your Solvent Recycling Solution Starts Here

Reach out to start the conversation with the experts at CBG Biotech.