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CannaTrue™ Cannabis Systems

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CANNA-iconSolvent Removal & Extraction Systems for Cannabis

Our solutions are at the forefront of helping provide clean, effective yields and concentrates for those who need them most.

CannaTrue™ Solvent Removal & Extraction Systems

The CannaTrue SRS Series is specifically designed for bulk solvent removal from concentrate. Unlike traditional roto-evaporators that use fragile glass instruments, the CannaTrue SRS Series employs stainless steel components. This design ensures durability and reliability during the solvent removal process.

The CannaTrue EPD System is meticulously engineered to seamlessly transition from plant material to crude oil through a fully automated, all-in-one process. Operating within a closed-loop environment, this system ensures efficiency and safety.

Key features of the CannaTrue EPD System include:

  • Automated Process: The system streamlines the entire journey from plant material to crude oil, minimizing manual intervention.
  • Closed-Loop Design: By operating in a closed-loop environment, it maintains a controlled and secure process.
  • Ethanol-Based Extraction: The system utilizes safer ethanol during extraction, purification, and distillation, promoting both yield and safety.
  • Leading Solutions: Our CannaTrue EPD System stands at the forefront of providing clean and effective yields and concentrates for those who rely on them.

Your Solvent Removal and Extraction Solutions Start Here

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Read the Columbia University case study:

As a result of the program's continued success, the University is saving thousands of dollars on acetone purchases and acetone waste disposal, and has reduced its environmental footprint by diverting acetone waste from traditional disposal treatment by incineration, reducing energy and fuel usage from manufacturing and shipping new product, and reducing fuel usage from shipping waste.

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What our customers say

“CBG has been an exceptional partner. As we rapidly expanded our operations over the last year, it was critical that we had a reliable, turnkey solution for extraction that allowed us to maximize our production capacity and minimize costs. While other companies in this space continue to use cobbled-together 'garage-built' equipment, we found that selecting an industry-leading, UL-Listed solution allows us to create better products for the patients that rely on us. Furthermore, using a trusted CBG solution prevented countless headaches as we can easily make changes to stay current with evolving regulations and business demands, without complicated reconfiguration.”

Nicole Smithfounder of Mary's Medicinals

PathTrue™ Solvent Recovery Systems for Your Laboratory Needs

CBG offers both fractional and simple production distillation systems for recycling and reusing solvents in industrial applications including parts washing and degreasing, composites, painting, SLA 3D printing and printing.

Our recyclers are compatible with common industrial solvents including Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), Dipropylene Glycol (DPM), Methylene Chloride, Trans-1,2-dichloroethylene Blends, Trichloroethylene, Perchloroethylene, Vertrel™ Series, Novec™ Series, n-propyl Bromide and more.

SolvTrue™ Industrial Solvent Recycling & Recovery Systems

Our SolvTrue™ industrial solvent recyclers improve operational and production processes by reducing solvent waste and disposal costs and allowing you to maintain an efficient and sustainable operation without compromising quality or safety. 

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The experts at CBG Biotech can also provide:

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Preventative maintenance services and subscription plans
Laboratory essential supply kits
Solvents, chemical reagents, and supplies
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Explore the innovative world of solvent recovery equipment with CBG Biotech, where efficiency meets sustainability in industrial, laboratory, and cannabis applications.