Recycle and Recover Solvents

in Your Additive Manufacturing Facility

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Solvent Recovery & Recycling Systems

Solvent Recovery & Recycling Systems


Achieve sustainability in your histology, pathology or chemical lab with PathTrue™ laboratory solvent recyclers.


SolvTrue™ industrial solvent recycling systems can help your plant save up to 99% annually on solvent purchase and disposal costs.


CannaTrue™ solvent removal and extraction systems deliver high-purity ethanol extraction and oil purification with strong extract yields.

HAP-Free Solvents
HAP-Free Solvents

Many companies rely on our HAP-free solvent alternatives as substitutes for xylene, D-limonene and aromatic solvents with higher boiling points.

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We Provide Solvent Recycling Systems That Improve Your Safety, Throughput, Sustainability & Profit Margins


Since 1995, we’ve partnered with laboratories and industrial manufacturers to become eco-friendlier, meet sustainability objectives, increase production efficiency and decrease the economic impact associated with solvents used for various applications.

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How much money could you save annually with solvent recycling?

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