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Recycle Your Solvents!

Save Up to 90% on Purchase and Disposal Costs!
About CBG Biotech

Leading manufacturer and supplier of solvent recovery systems for laboratory, industrial and cannabis applications.

For over 20 years, we've relied on a set of customer-first core values—that promote ethical and honest behavior, personal accountability and teamwork—and four pillars of excellence (SASE = Sustainability, Automation, Safety and Economics) to deliver the solutions that set customers up for success.

Who We Are
Who We Are

An American Manufacturing company that provides sustainable solutions by providing quality products/services to meet customer needs.

What We Do image
What We Do
What We Do

Provide safe, innovative, sustainable products/services to benefit our customers and equip their success.

Why We Do It
Why We Do It

To provide Sustainable Solutions delivering economic and environmental benefits!

Solvent Recovery & Recycling Systems

Achieve sustainability in your histology, pathology or chemical lab with PathTrue™ laboratory solvent recyclers.
SolvTrue™ industrial solvent recycling systems can help your plant save up to 99% annually on solvent purchase and disposal costs.

CannaTrueTM solvent removal and extraction systems.

HAP-Free Solvents

Many companies rely on our HAP-free solvent alternatives as substitutes for xylene, D-limonene and aromatic solvents with higher boiling points.

We Provide Solvent Recycling Systems That Improve Your Safety, Throughput, Sustainability & Profit Margins

Since 1995, we’ve partnered with laboratories and industrial manufacturers to become eco-friendlier, meet sustainability objectives, increase production efficiency and decrease the economic impact associated with solvents used for various applications.

Customer Testimonials

“The dermatopathology lab has been using CBG’s solvent recyclers for many years. We use the recycled solvents in tissue processors and in our linear staining process. It has significantly helped with cost savings and the frequency of purchases of new stock solvents has been greatly diminished since the recycled solvents are used in place of new stock with the same efficiency.”

Dona-jean A. SolskiColumbia University Dermatopathology Laboratory Divisional Administrator

"We do not have to return dirty solvent to the supplier to be cleaned. This saves us time, labor and money. I would suggest to anyone using a solvent based cleaning system to implement a CBG distillation system."

Bob StauferVice President

"The SolvTrue™ PW-4 allows us to use very expensive materials for a longer period of time."

Luke PincineData Processing Director

"For years, Edenton Boatworks has used acetone in various ways in our process. We searched for a recycling unit that would fill our needs. We took the next step with CBG Biotech. Based on price, performance and excellent customer service, we purchased a SolvTrueTM S1500 unit from CBG Biotech. We have been operating our S1500 for 5 months and it has exceeded our expectations. Our recycled product is cleaner and less expensive than what we had before."

Edenton Boatworks

“Due to the amount of IPA we were using, the IPA recycler paid for itself in about one month. It was pretty quick. Now we use the machine everyday, recycling about 25-30 gallons of IPA each day, which we then pour back into the Form Wash, add in some new IPA to replace evaporation, and start the process back up.”

Spectra Photopolymers

“CBG has been an exceptional partner. As we rapidly expanded our operations over the last year, it was critical that we had a reliable, turnkey solution for extraction that allowed us to maximize our production capacity and minimize costs. While other companies in this space continue to use cobbled-together 'garage-built' equipment, we found that selecting an industry-leading, UL-Listed solution allows us to create better products for the patients that rely on us. Furthermore, using a trusted CBG solution prevented countless headaches as we can easily make changes to stay current with evolving regulations and business demands, without complicated reconfiguration.”

Nicole SmithFounder of Mary's Medicinals


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