Histology Laboratory

Reclaiming Xylene and Ethanol in a Laboratory Setting

Histology LaboratoryA histology laboratory was spending more than $1,300 each month to purchase and dispose of 50 gallons of xylene and 85 gallons of ethanol. The laboratory paid to have contaminated xylene and alcohol taken away for disposal.

After purchasing and installing a CBG Biotech 5 Gallon solvent reclaiming unit, the lab lowered the cost of its xylene purchases by 95% and the cost of its ethanol purchases by 90 percent. Overall, the operation's costs for purchasing and disposing of the xylene and ethanol decreased 92 percent - to $111 a month!

The facility realized additional savings due to lower storage, handling and administrative expenses.

Overall, their payback on our solvent reclaiming equipment was less than two years.




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