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Mary's Medicinals



Mary’s Medicinals Maximizes Production Capacity and Reduces Costs with Cannabis Extraction

Mary's Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals is an award-winning developer of cannabis-based products specializing in combining horticulture and technology to deliver innovative natural therapies for pain management and relief. The company’s success hinges upon its partnership with CBG.

“CBG has been an exceptional partner. As we rapidly expanded our operations over the last year, it was critical that we had a reliable, turnkey solution for extraction that allowed us to maximize our production capacity and minimize costs. While other companies in this space continue to use cobbled-together 'garage-built' equipment, we found that selecting an industry leading, UL-Listed solution allows us to create better products for the patients that rely on us. Furthermore, using a trusted CBG solution prevented countless headaches as we can easily make changes to stay current with evolving regulations and business demands, without complicated reconfiguration.”

- Nicole Smith, founder of Mary's Medicinals

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