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Norpin Manufacturing

Norpin Manufacturing Reduces Solvent Usage by 50% in Year One With SolvTrue™ PW-4 Solvent Recycler
Norpin Manufacturing Company

An industry leader in manufacturing deep-drawn cans and cases out of Wilbraham, Massachusetts, recently installed a CBG 15-Gallon SolvTrue™ PW-4 Solvent Recycling System to recover Perchloroethylene contaminated with aluminum particles, oil and wax. The SolvTrue™ PW-4 system has positively impacted operations in many areas of their production process including reduced solvent usage, production processing time, safety, and efficiency, “The integration of the PW-4 allows us to perform a seamless solvent cleaning process that doesn’t interrupt our production or cause downtime. The PW-4 allows us to use these very specialized/expensive materials for a longer period of time, as well as reducing our environmental footprint.” Pincince also had very high praise for CBG’s technical support and service, indicating “whenever we buy new machinery I expect everything to go bad. CBG’s technician level of knowledge of the machine, the process used, and a common sense approach made the installation process go extremely smoothly.” Norpin expects to reduce their overall solvent usage by at least 50% in the first year, but production personnel noticed cleaner parts and solvent right away. The immediate result was a significant reduction in cleaning process cycles and overall cycle times.

"The SolvTrue™ PW-4 allows us to use very expensive materials for a longer period of time." -Luke Pincine, Data Processing Director