Waste Solvent Recycling for Manufacturing

Reclaiming Isopropyl Alcohol

A Minnesota manufacturer of hearing aids used isopropyl alcohol to clean laser-formed plastic parts. The solvent waste stream was comprised of isopropyl alcohol contaminated with plastic resin particulate.

While alcohol waste volumes were a modest 60 gallons per month, stringent regulatory oversight compelled the development of a solvent management program. The company needed a solvent recycler that was compact and mobile, yet capable of processing sticky plastic resin residue.

In addition to those requirements, the unit also had to yield a high-purity recovered product.

The manufacturer purchased a CBG Technologies 8 Gallon TechnoClean Plus recycler, which combines the smaller footprint and mobility of a laboratory unit with the heavy-duty processing capabilities of a stationary industrial unit.

Our solvent reclaiming unit reduced the company's solvent purchasing and disposal costs by 90%. It also allowed the customer to achieve a lower waste generator status, resulting in less time spent in record keeping and reporting. Their investment in solvent reclaiming was paid back within 18 months.

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