Yale Recycling Lab Utilizes Solvent Recovery System

Solvent Recovery Makes the Grade in Yale Chemistry Labs

A CBG solvent recovery system is making an important difference in the undergraduate teaching labs at Yale University.

The manager of the Chemistry Department labs and student workers there use the CBG unit to recycle 100% of the acetone used when Professor Christine Dimeglio’s 250-300 undergraduate students clean their laboratory glassware.

Starting in February 2008, the solvent recovery unit has recycled hundreds of gallons of acetone, which is then used to clean more glassware. The process has reduced the need to purchase acetone for glassware cleaning in these labs, realizing substantial savings for the department.

Adopting a dedicated solvent recovery program has benefited the department in other ways, as well, according to Professor Dimeglio:

  • An increased awareness among lab students and workers of the need to conserve and recycle materials
  • A major reduction in hazardous waste disposal costs
  • A heightened level of confidence among students in Yale’s commitment to the environment

Yale, in fact, is one of a growing number of universities pledging to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner. Recycling lab solvent is an effective strategy in reaching those goals.

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