Additive Manufacturing Recyclers
Additive Manufacturing Recyclers

Clean Your Solvent with up to 99% Recovery

Become Your Own Solvent Supplier™

CBG manufactures distillation systems for recycling industrial solvents for parts washing applications in your additive manufacturing facility. By cleaning and recovering your solvent, your facility becomes its own solvent supplier. You will benefit from reduced solvent purchases and a reduction in waste disposal costs. Our solutions maintain certifications, while providing a sustainable solution for your operators.


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Common Additive Manufacturing Solvents:

•  Acetone •  Dimethyl Esters •  Ethanol (EtOH) •  Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
•  Denatured Alcohol •  DPM •  Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) •  TPM


 SolveTrue™ S1500 Solvent Recycler

SolvTrue™ S1500 Solvent Recycler

For recycling solvents in additive manufacturing applications.


15 gallon (57 liter)


30" W x 48" L x 50" H

(76 cm W x 122 cm H x 127 cm D)


Air cooled


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Electrical Configurations:

220/240V/3PH/60Hz – Standard

440/480V/3PH/60Hz – Optional


Stainless steel


Batch-style or optional continuous-feed processing

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Available in a 7 gallon unit for lower volumes and a 30 gallon size for larger solvent volumes.

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SolvTrue™ S-Series Solvent Recyclers

Simple and Easy Processing Steps:

  • Insert Bag
  • Load Solvent and Waste
  • Close/Secure Unit
  • Turn Unit On and Run Cycle
  • Recover Solvent
  • Remove bag
  • Complete
  • Repeat