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CannaTrue™ EPD System


Extraction, Purification and Distillation System with 90% Ethanol Recovery

The CannaTrue™ EPD System is composed of three modules, Extraction, Purification and Distillation, and designed to process and purify essential oils and help capture the desired cannabinoids from cannabis and hemp.

The EPD system can extract and purify biomass (including flower, stem and processed material) to yield essential oils using high-purity ethanol. The system then distills the ethanol, enabling it to be recovered for future extractions, and separates it from the essential oil and concentrate.

Maximize extraction yield of cannabis and hemp oil in your facility with CBG's EPD solvent extraction system.

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Benefits & Features:

  • EtOH Extraction, Purification and Distillation system
  • Designed for single-operator batch processing
  • Distillation Module: EtOH recovery greater than 90%
  • Flexible displays/user configurable
  • Built modularly to provide flexibility when processing
  • Process multiple batches of biomass per day to achieve maximum extraction yield
  • Operates in a controlled and enclosed environment within the unit's footprint
  • Dual wall stainless steel construction
  • UL certified electronics

CannaTrue™ EPD System

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The CannaTrue™ EPD System is a high-purity system composed of three modules for solvent extraction of cannabis and hemp oil.

Extraction Module:

  • Flexibility to run flower, trim or post-run CO2/BHO materials
  • Inline winterization - No carry-over of fats, waxes, lipids
  • Maximum batch size = 8-11 pounds (depending on mill size)
  • Automated recirculation/insulated chamber
  • Wash cycle options - Time, temperature and mixture adjustments (depending on standard operating procedure)
  • Low temperature compatibility -40 to -60°C*
    *Operating temperatures may vary depending on chiller capacity and cycle times
  • Touchscreen interface/real-time monitoring

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Purification Module:

  • Automated recirculating purification/filtration
  • Removes impurities and reduces chlorophyll
  • Inline measurement and monitoring control - Time, temperature and color
  • Process view sight glass

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Distillation Module:

  • Ethanol recovery and reuse
  • Ethanol recovery greater than 90%
  • Temperature control and inline cooling
  • Touchscreen interface

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System Design:

  • Real-time performance monitoring/remote monitoring and control
  • Single-operator batch processing
  • System built mobile for ease of movement and use
  • PLC controls with LCD display/flexible displays/user configurable
  • Cycle time tunability

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