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Welcome to the CBG Biotech CannaTrue™ newsroom. Here you will find all the information you need about our Solvent Recovery and Extraction, Purification and Distillation Systems products for cannabis and hemp. Please take a look at our info below, and product images and the company logo are also available.  

What you need to know about CBG Biotech and CannaTrue™ systems for the cannabis and hemp industries:

Press Releases

CBG Biotech Receives PSI Safety Certification for CannaTrue™ EPD Extraction Systems    
Solvent Removal and Extraction System Approved by Pressure Safety Inspectors 

CBG Biotech to Exhibit CannaTrue™ Extraction, Purification and Distillation Systems with Live Product Demos at CannaCon®
Solvent distillation and recycling company to feature its line of CannaTrue™ All-in-One Automation Systems at booth 809

CannaTrue™ EPD, All-in-One Automated System for Cannabis and Hemp Processing
Our systems process and purify essential oils while capturing the desired cannabinoids and some terpenes from cannabis and hemp they provide clean, effective yields and concentrates 

CannaTrue™ E Cold Ethanol Extraction System for Cannabis and Hemp
Our systems operate in a controlled and enclosed environment within each unit’s footprint. They promote strong yields using safer ethanol during the extraction, purification and distillation processes

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All your questions can be answered by watching our CannaTrue videos hosted on YouTube. Each of these videos breaks down the Extraction, Purification and Distillation process step-by-step.

CannaTrue™ EPD Cold Ethanol Extraction, Purification, and Distillation system

CannaTrue™ EPD System | Extraction Module

CannaTrue™ EPD System | Purification Module

CannaTrue™ EPD System | Distillation Module


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CannaTrue™ EPD System
Extraction, Purification, DistillationEPD System-1

Ethanol extraction, purification and distillation for cannabis and hemp oil applications.

Download the hi-res image

CannaTrue ™ SRS-1 Solvent Removal System 


Ethanol removal and recycling in cannabis and hemp applications.

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CannaTrue™ SRS-2 Solvent Removal System 



batch system for solvent removal during cannabis and hemp oil concentrate recovery process.

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