Sample Testing Program

CBG's Sample Testing Program Guarantees Our Solvent Recovery Equipment Is the Right Fit

The CBG Biotech sample testing program provides prospective industrial customers with the opportunity to test their own materials before purchasing one of our solvent recycling systems or stills.

We understand the importance of accurate results and know that environmental and solvent/waste characteristics may vary. This is how we ensure our solution is the right recycling fit for your needs.

Our sample testing process is simple. We’ll ship a fully equipped supply kit with everything you need for sample testing—you’re only responsible for a nominal testing fee and freight to and from your location. Our experts will process the sample, send your results back, and you can decide how a CBG recycling system or still is right for your process.

What to Expect

After we receive your sample in our fully equipped supply kit, we’ll work with you to:

  • Establish initial run parameters for your solvent and waste sample
  • Measure the beginning quantities of solvent and waste introduced into our distillation equipment
  • Collect data during the sample run
  • Measure the waste left over after distillation
  • Collect and measure the recovered solvent
  • Package and ship the recovered solvent and waste back to you

Next, we’ll issue a report that provides you:

  • The beginning quantities of solvent and waste introduced into our distillation equipment
  • The runtime that was required to recover the solvent
  • What equipment was used to produce the recovered solvent (including vacuum type, if used)
  • The waste quantity remaining
  • The recovered solvent remaining
  • Observations related to beginning and end color as well as odor(s)
  • A detailed analysis, as requested and required

Sample testing provides prospective customers with a critical benchmark of their own material, documenting the actual quantity of recovered solvent and remaining waste content present if any.

We can also provide additional independent and/or analytical testing—per the request of prospective customers.

Your Solvent Recycling Solution Starts Here

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