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PathTrue™ Formalin Recycler

Recycle Formalin with Up To 80% Recovery

PathTrue™ Formalin Recyclers are a fully automatic fractional distillation systems for recycling formalin in pathology and histology laboratories.

Save your lab time and money by recycling formalin back to its original purity.

PWV Series solvent recyclers can process solvents including mineral spirits, D-Limonene, thinners, DPM/TPM, naphtha, xylene and other solvents used for parts washing.

Achieve sustainability and cost savings in your facility with solvent recycling.

Benefits & Features:

  • Recycle formalin at approximately 120 minutes per gallon
  • Spill containment and leak prevention design
  • No cool-down between runs
  • No hot surfaces - cool to touch


  • Microprocessor controlled; fully-automated formalin recycling process
  • Automatic waste disposal
  • No water hook-up or special ventilation required

Do you need to recycle formalin and other solvents?

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PathTrue™ Formalin Recycler

PathTrue Formalin Recycler

The PathTrue™ Formalin Recycler is a mobile cart-mounted fractional distillation recycler for formalin.


5 gallon (20 liter)

10 gallon (40 liter)


24.25" W x 67" H x 30.5" D (62 cm W x 170 cm H x 77 cm D)

Plus 4" (10 cm) shroud on side

Cycle Times:

Approximately 120 minutes per gallon

Electrical Configurations

120 VAC, 15.0 A, 50/60 Hz

220 VAC, 7.5 A, 50/60 Hz

240 VAC, 8.2 A, 50/60 Hz

Compliance with:

ETL listed to UL61010 and UL2208

Download Spec Sheet


or call 1-800-941-9484 to speak with a specialist.

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