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CBG Biotech Receives PSI Safety Certification for CannaTrue™ EPD Extraction Systems   

Solvent Removal and Extraction System Approved by Pressure Safety Inspectors 

SOLON, OH – (April 2023) – CBG Biotech’s CannaTrue™ EPD System for Solvent Extraction of Cannabis Oil has received certification from the Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI) to meet the highest standards of safety for extraction equipment in the United States. 

The PSI approval provides the most comprehensive engineering peer review in the cannabis industry on extraction equipment so that our customers can confidently meet safety regulations with better products, processes, and facilities. 

When reviewing an extraction system, PSI examines the product’s specifications, parts list and drawings, and checks whether the system’s mechanics are manufactured to adhere to the safety standards and part specifications. A PSI design verification confirms every component, connection, and process in the system that it is compliant with an OSHA-approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). 

Our partnership with PSI certifies that our EPD extraction system is ready to go right out of the box--safe and reliable. Having equipment built to PSI’s strictest standards as it leaves the manufacturing floor saves companies purchasing our equipment both time and money. 

CBG Biotech's CannaTrue™ EPD (Extraction Purification Distillation) system extracts the cannabinoids from the biomass, purifies the concentrate of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, removes the ethanol, which is reused for future extractions, from the cannabis oil for a fully winterized, full spectrum crude oil. Unlike traditional methods, our CannaTrue™ EPD is a fully-automated extraction system that only requires a single operator to operate the equipment. The system uses ethanol to promote stronger yields and a better return on investment without compromising safety.  

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About CBG Biotech 
CBG Biotech has specialized in providing reliable solvent recycling technology for laboratory, industrial and cannabis applications since 1995. The company’s PathTrue™ laboratory solvent recyclers reduce waste and disposal costs of solvents. CBG Biotech’s SolvTrue™ series of industrial solvent recyclers separate organic solvents from both liquid or solid waste streams. All CBG Biotech systems are flexible, pre-programmed for individual requirements, serviced by the company and made in the United States. 

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