CBG Technologies Introduces PathTrue™ Solvent Recyclers for Laboratory Applications

SOLON, Ohio, Nov. 6, 2019 -- CBG Technologies, a leading manufacturer of solvent recycling systems, introduces new PathTrue™ Solvent Recyclers for recycling xylene, alcohol, acetone and xylene substitutes back to near original purity in pathology, histology, chemistry and research laboratories.

PathTrue™ Solvent Recyclers allow laboratories to recycle and reuse lab solvents quicker and easier with back-to-back cycles, increased throughput and improved yield. Using fractional distillation, these systems recycle xylene, alcohol, acetone and xylene substitutes back to near original purity with up to 99% recovery rates. PathTrue™ new and upgraded features include greater gallons per hour recovery and shorter cycle times, recycling xylene at 55 minutes per gallon and alcohol at 85 minutes per gallon. Multiple safety features reduce spillage risk and vapor potential, and improved ergonomic design allows easy removal of waste containers for simple waste disposal.

Eric Lloyd, CBG’s Production Manager explains, “solvent purity is paramount in laboratory settings; the upgraded features of the new PathTrue Solvent Recyclers achieve high-purity solvent recycling so labs can reuse clean solvents for longer thus reducing the frequency of solvent purchases and disposal. By recycling and reusing solvents, labs can reduce solvent purchase and disposal costs by upwards of 90%,” he says. “PathTrue™ Solvent Recyclers are designed to facilitate sustainability, reduce hazardous waste and improve operational efficiency in laboratories, while positively impacting the environment,” he adds.

Available in a 2.5-gallon benchtop model and 2.5-, 10- and 15-gallon cart-mounted models, PathTrue™ Solvent Recyclers are UL listed, fully automated and feature all-metal construction with dual-wall 304 stainless steel processing tanks.


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