Onsite Solvent Recycling Vs. Offsite Solvent Waste Disposal

Learn Every Way Status Impacts Your Bottom Line and Operations

Today’s laboratories frequently deal with equipment challenges and process issues, regulatory and safety concerns, space constraints and much more.

Given the number of challenges at hand, it makes sense that decisions are sometimes made based on perceived ease alone. Laboratory waste management, and more specifically the management of hazardous solvent waste, is often approached with simplicity in mind.

For example, a lab may consider how to properly dispose of chemical waste containing solvents without even considering onsite solvent recycling. This is because offsite laboratory waste disposal is perceived to be much simpler than the process of onsite reclamation—but perception isn’t always reality.

This guide covers what your lab should consider when choosing whether to recycle solvent waste onsite or dispose of it offsite. Specifically, it addresses:

  • Some of the most common misconceptions associated with both onsite solvent recycling and offsite solvent waste disposal
  • The benefits of onsite solvent recycling
  • The benefits of offsite solvent waste disposal

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