Essential Oil Applications

Solvent Removal for Cannabis, Hemp & Essential Oil Applications

Our SRS Series™ Solvent Removal Systems™ and EPD=R™ System process and purify essential oils—while capturing the desired cannabinoids and some terpenes from cannabis or hemp, an ever-changing and progressive industry. Our solutions are at the forefront of helping provide clean, effective yields and concentrates for those who need them most.


Ethanol is a tried and true solvent that’s been used for centuries to craft tinctures, essential oils and similar substances. In modern times, alcohol is still among the most commonly deployed solvents. Ethanol is nontoxic and is both a polar and nonpolar compound, making it the ideal solvent for botanical extraction. Our equipment can provide subzero temperatures to cool plant material and chill ethanol. When ethanol’s temperature is lowered below freezing, its pickup of soluble components is substantially slowed and the ability to attach to frozen water-based components is nearly eliminated.

Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds within cannabis that many people use to help with physical ailments. These ingredients, along with terpenes, provide the distinctive properties for various types of cannabis, giving them unique smells and flavors. The 8-gallon or 15-gallon tanks in our SRS Series™ equipment can distill significant volumes daily, supporting your growing production needs for solvent removal. The SRS Series™ offers additional production capability and flexibility by being able to decarb when not in use for solvent removal. The eight-pound extraction vessel in our EDP=R™ Systems can process multiple batches of biomass (including flower, stem and processed material; enabling you to take full advantage of your grow for maximum extraction yield) per day with strong yields. Oil concentrates can be used for multiple end products.

Our equipment promotes strong yield while using safer ethanol during the extraction, purification and distillation processes. Our industry-leading, UL-Listed solutions allow us to create better products that are safer for our customers.

Essential Oils

Our SRS Series™ and EPD=R™ Systems operate in a controlled and enclosed environment within each unit’s footprint. The systems do not possess a boiling column or a condenser in sequence, so the risk of valuable essential oils going up and into the condenser is avoided, preserving valuable yield. Our EPD=R™ System is built modularly, enabling you flexibility when processing. This also enables you to process multiple batches of biomass per day—thereby providing excellent concentrate quality and throughput.

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