Industrial Applications

The Right Solvent Distillation Process for Your Industrial Application

CBG Biotech’s industry-leading solvent distillation process is trusted by medical device, aerospace, prototype, stamping and composite manufacturers across the country. Through recycling solvents, we improve our customers’ operational and production processes for parts washing/degreasing, composites, paint and printing applications.

Parts Cleaning

Our products help improve the effectiveness of parts cleaning—keeping clean solvent in the parts washing cycle (as compared to recirculating dirty solvent), reducing waste generator status with the Environmental Protection Agency, decreasing the cost of expensive solvents and eliminating waste disposal expenses.

Sample Testing Program and Other Industrial Applications

We offer a sample testing program, which allows you to see that our solvent distillation process works—prior to purchasing a system.

Read more about our solvent recyclers for industrial applications, including parts washing, composites, paint and printing. And see our FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions. To learn more about our solvent distillation process, contact us today.

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