Laboratory Applications

Waste Solvent Distillation Equipment for Your Histology, Pathology, Chemistry & Research Laboratory Applications

Our solvent distillation equipment is trusted and used by labs and researchers around the world.

We know our customers may have many questions when choosing the right solvent distillation system for their needs. There are many things to consider, like safely handling hazardous solvents, safe operation of your equipment, the cost of both purchasing and disposing of those solvents, sustainability initiatives within the laboratory and the ability to automate processes (reduce labor) through recycling.

Here’s how our CBG team can help you with your laboratory and chemistry research applications:


Maintaining the efficient, low-cost and sustainable operation of any histology, pathology or chemistry laboratory is vital for all concerned with the high-quality production of slides and the management of costs per test or slide.

CBG’s fractional solvent distillation system offers you the ability to recycle and reuse alcohol, xylene, xylene substitutes and formalin from your tissue processor(s) and/or stainer(s).

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Chemistry Research

Our solvent distillation system offers you the ability to recycle and reuse acetone, alcohol, heptane and ethyl acetate. You can recycle your waste solvents without compromising your scientific research.

Additionally, our solvent distillation equipment offers university chemistry and/or research laboratories a way to simultaneously maintain high-quality glassware washing and help achieve sustainability initiatives.

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