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John Whalen is Business Development Representative for the SolvTrue™ Industrial Solvent Recyclers product line at CBG Biotech. John has an unwavering commitment to customer service and extensive industry background.
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5 Ways to Improve Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing Facilities

September 18, 2023 / by John Whalen


Solvent recycling through an industrial solvent distillation unit, commonly known as a still, can yield significant benefits in terms of cost savings, waste reduction and environmental sustainability. If you are a manager or owner of a manufacturing facility, you may be wondering how you can maximize the advantages of solvent recycling and enhance your operational efficiency. Here are five practical ways to achieve that goal: 

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Onsite Solvent Recycling: A Sustainable Industrial Best Practice

July 12, 2023 / by John Whalen


Solvents play a pivotal role in various cleaning applications, including parts washing and degreasing, as well as tool and equipment cleaning. However, with the increasing demand for sustainability initiatives, and heightened supply chain costs, running solvents longer before disposal has become a standard practice.

Unfortunately, as solvents are used and reused, they become more contaminated, which impairs the cleaning process, leading to longer cleaning times, and less effective cleaning results. This scenario, in turn, leads to increased costs in both time and manpower. 

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