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Composites, Acetone & Sustainable Operational Practices

May 11, 2022 / by CBG Biotech

When working with composites, the development of sustainable operational practices is becoming increasingly important. The need to develop sustainable operational practices has become more significant, in part due to supply chain challenges, increasing labor costs and decreasing labor availability. 


After forming cacetone-plus-1omposites, clean up and maintenance is often required. This can be a time consuming process; one which absent of attention can be costly and dent productivity. 

To enhance operational effectiveness, composite manufacturers need to challenge assumptions and traditional methods. One strong opportunity for composite manufacturers to develop a sustainable operational practice is to adopt a production solvent recycling solution. This capability enables a composite manufacturer to “Become Your Own Solvent Supplier™.” 

A solvent recycling and recovery solution will positively impact: 

Sustainability: Significantly less waste is generated and your Acetone is recovered. Generally, residual waste is not incinerated, thereby reducing emissions and providing for generally cleaner air. This also positively impacts your generatorstatus rating with the US EPA. 


Safety: Fundamentally, your facility will physically move your Acetone (solvents) less creating safe work practices; your production recycler can be set up to support your work centers. 

Economics: When you adopt a production recycling solution, you will generally recover >90% of your beginning solvent volumes. This means 90% less front end purchase costs and 90% less waste disposal costs. These recovered resources go directly to your bottom line. 

Production recycling and recovery is an important element for composite manufacturers to develop sustainable operational practices.

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