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How to Become Your Own Solvent Supplier
CBG BiotechMay 20, 2021 11:40:29 AM3 min read

How to Become Your Own Solvent Supplier

The past year has been turbulent in many, many ways. This turbulence has introduced new variables and concerns associated with supply chains and the availability of materials. Prior to 2020, we largely were able to assume and rely on our supply chains based on conventional assumptions.

One of these assumptions has to do with the availability of solvents to support production, parts washing and associated manufacturing operations. As we have come to learn in 2020, this assumption is no longer safe or necessarily valid. This is attributable to solvent supply chain shortages caused by COVID-19 use of solvents (which did not exist prior to March 2020). Manufacturers need to re-evaluate what is being done with and how solvents are being used in your processing operations to address this supply chain risk with regard to solvent availability.

There are options available to manufacturers. Options include minimization of solvent use and sustainable use of solvents in your manufacturing operations. A method which will help you to recover your solvents for re-use in a sustainable operational practice through the utilization of a solvent recovery system. Many manufacturers have ongoing demands of solvent to support their operations. Supply uncertainty or supply interruption does need to be addressed and mitigated. As it relates to organic solvents, a solvent recovery system can aid you to improve this process and mitigate this risk.

Simplistically, what a solvent recovery system will do is enable you – as the manufacturer – to re-use your organic solvents.  This operation is performed through distillation which separates the used solvent from the waste suspended in the solvent (waste which was absorbed by the solvent during its application in your manufacturing operation). Post distillation, you will have recovered solvent available for reuse in your manufacturing operations, while at the same time minimizing your waste generation.

While addressing supply chain risks and minimizing these risks, solvent recovery systems will:

  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Introduce a sustainable environmental process and practice in your operations
  • Improve safety when using solvents in your manufacturing operations
  • Automate the recovery of solvent to support your manufacturing operations

A solvent recovery system enables you to use what you have already purchased, thereby providing these benefits to your manufacturing operations. Effectively, through recovery, you become your own solvent supplier.

CBG Biotech offers a variety of solvent recovery systems which will enable you to better manage your supply chain, address and eliminate significant solvent availability risk while providing environmental and economic benefits at the same time.

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For these reasons, ranging from strategic to tactical, it’s important to evaluate the security of your supply chain for organic solvents with the use of our production recyclers. CBG Biotech's industrial business development executives stand ready to meet your needs for recovering your own organic solvents with SolvTrue™ production recyclers. If you have a question or would like more info, please call 800-941-9484 (and press option 3 for support) or get in touch with us online today!

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