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CBG BiotechFeb 22, 2022 10:00:00 AM2 min read

Acetone Recovery in Composite Cleaning Applications


Acetone is a durable solvent often used in composite cleaning applications. Because Acetone possesses strong dissolution characteristics, it can absorb relatively high concentrations
of epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester in composite cleaning applications.

Eventually, the Acetone will become saturated with this epoxy, polyester and vinyl ester waste. Once saturated, the Acetone will need to be disposed of (incinerated) and replenished (purchased). Both disposal and acquisition expend the resources of a composite manufacturer.

What many composite manufacturers often do not know is that their Acetone can effectively be recycled, recovered and reused. In part, this is attributable to the flexibility of Acetone as a solvent, in addition to Acetone not forming an azeotrope at ambient temperatures.

Distillation is one method a composite manufacturer can use to recycle, recover and reuse their Acetone. Through phase conversion of your Acetone from liquid to vapor and back to liquid again, this process separates your Acetone from the epoxy, polyester and/or vinyl ester (wastes), leaving these residuals behind as waste. What is recovered is your valuable Acetone, which in turn can be reused. An effective method to perform this production action is through the use of a production recycler; one which can be positioned and outfitted to support your operational work cells and production objectives.

Through use of a SolvTrueTM production recycler, you “become your own solvent supplier,” thereby recovering your Acetone and your resources as well. Simply load your Acetone waste solution and bag, close the tank lid, hit the button and go to recover your Acetone. The SolvTrue equipment does the work for you and your team.

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