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Crafting Pure Gold: The Art of Extracting Cannabis Oil

January 16, 2024 / by Brad Kovach posted in cannatrue, CBD, decarboxylation, Cannabis extraction, THC, crude oil, quality yield


Cannabis extraction is a multi-faceted procedure that goes beyond merely extracting desired elements from raw plant material. Achieving the utmost purity and potency when producing isolates or distillates requires a comprehensive post-extraction refinement process. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Oil Extraction Systems

June 9, 2023 / by Brad Kovach posted in cannatrue, Cannabis extraction, crude oil, quality yield


Understanding the Basics  

If you are new to the Cannabis industry you may or may not be familiar with the journey of a cannabis plant through an extraction facility. There are a variety of methods – from solvent-based extraction to the use of steam distillation, liquid hydrocarbon and supercritical CO2 – that can carefully extract cannabinoids from the plant biomass.  

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