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Purity vs Concentration of a Solvent: Which One Affects Parts Washing Effectiveness?

December 2, 2020 / by CBG Biotech


Purity can be an important measurement for organic solvents, one which an end user will often consider prior to purchase of a solvent. In parts washing applications, purity of an organic solvent is not necessarily the best measurement for effectiveness in application and solvent concentration needs to be carefully considered.

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The Importance of Maintaining the Interior of Your Laboratory Recycler

October 12, 2020 / by CBG Biotech


CBG Biotech’s PathTrue™ series of laboratory solvent recyclers are important for the effective and efficient operation of your laboratory. PathTrue™ laboratory recyclers incorporate programming/controller engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, in order to ensure effective operations.

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The Importance of Clean Solvents in Your Parts Washing and Cleaning Applications

September 17, 2020 / by CBG Biotech


Clean solvents are critical for parts washing and cleaning applications because the cleaner the solvent, the better job it will do removing contaminants from the parts that your company is manufacturing.

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The Essentials of Solvent-Based Parts Washing Explained

January 16, 2019 / by CBG Biotech


Virtually every part that's manufactured needs to be washed before it's ready for use, whether it's a plastic part for a toy or a precise metal part used in an aircraft. During the manufacturing process, some combination of cutting oil, grease and grime is introduced, and removing any of these substances is ultimately required to pass quality-control checks and, most importantly, ensure public safety.

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How Much Does Using a Solvent Distillation Unit in Your Lab Cost?

August 1, 2018 / by CBG Biotech

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Most hospital, reference and university labs—whether histology, pathology, chemistry, cytology or veterinary—carefully evaluate capital expenditures, which are equipment costs that typically exceed $2,500. Lab managers need to be able to show hospital and university officials who approve capital expenses that these purchases provide long-term value to the organization and substantial economic benefits.

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The Benefits of Using Fractional Distillation Equipment in Your Medical Lab

June 21, 2018 / by CBG Biotech

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Solvents are a critical component of medical lab work, and running out of a particular solvent can bring your lab to a standstill. Most medical labs work with multiple solvents, so inventory management can become a laborious process. From working with the purchasing department and ensuring that the correct solvents are always available to disposing of solvent waste in ways that are safe, sustainable and legal, the tasks can be very time-consuming.

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What to Consider When Selecting Substitutes for Xylene

May 25, 2018 / by CBG Biotech


Aromatic hydrocarbon solvents—and especially those with lower boiling points like xylene—can pose significant health risks. They’re not only toxic, teratogenic and carcinogenic, but also noxious chemicals.

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8 Ways Waste Solvent Recycling Can Improve Your Lab’s Processes

April 4, 2018 / by CBG Biotech


With the right solvent distillation unit, your lab can dramatically reduce how much it spends on purchasing solvents and disposing of waste. You may think that spend reduction is the greatest benefit delivered to your lab by solvent recycling, but it’s really only one part of the bigger picture.

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What Is the Payback Period for an Industrial Solvent Distillation Unit/Still?

March 20, 2018 / by CBG Biotech

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As opposed to return on investment (ROI), which is expressed as a percentage that can be used to determine an investment’s profitability, payback period is expressed as a period of time—specifically the amount of time it takes to recoup the cost of an initial investment.

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Why You Should Consider Both Cost and Value When Choosing an Industrial Solvent Distillation Unit

February 1, 2018 / by CBG Biotech


Industrial solvent distillation units—sometimes simply called stills—are so customizable to the exact needs of the end user that looking at unit cost alone is missing the point. What should also be considered is unit value, or how a unit will help you meet your everyday needs and save you money now and in the long run.

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