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CBG Biotech Solvent Distillation and Recovery Systems Blog

CBG BiotechNov 16, 2021 11:23:09 AM5 min read

Recycling IPA for 3D Printing with SolvTrue™ by CBG Biotech

As 3D printing adoption continues to expand, demand for IPA to clean parts is increasing ...
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CBG BiotechOct 20, 2021 2:12:52 PM3 min read

Carrier Solvents in Extraction: Ethanol vs Butane

Carrier Solvents in Extraction: Ethanol vs Butane It is true, both Ethanol and Butane ...
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CBG BiotechAug 11, 2021 3:14:08 PM2 min read

Increase Your Production Capacity with SolvTrue™ Solvent Recyclers

Industrial supply chains were seemingly secure prior to the start of the COVID-19 ...
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CBG BiotechJun 29, 2021 2:44:54 PM4 min read

How to Maximize Cannabis Extraction Yield in Your Lab

Essential oil extractions are performed to obtain important and valuable ingredients from ...
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CBG BiotechJun 24, 2021 2:39:26 PM4 min read

Benefits of Ethanol Extraction Systems for Extracting Cannabis Oil

Ethanol is a versatile solvent that is used in a variety of applications. For example, ...
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CBG BiotechMay 20, 2021 11:40:29 AM3 min read

How to Become Your Own Solvent Supplier

The past year has been turbulent in many, many ways. This turbulence has introduced new ...
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CBG BiotechDec 2, 2020 11:21:40 AM5 min read

Purity vs Concentration of a Solvent: Which One Affects Parts Washing Effectiveness?

Purity can be an important measurement for organic solvents, one which an end user will ...
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CBG BiotechOct 12, 2020 9:00:00 AM2 min read

The Importance of Maintaining the Interior of Your Laboratory Recycler

CBG Biotech’s PathTrue™ series of laboratory solvent recyclers are important for the ...
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CBG BiotechSep 17, 2020 2:34:17 PM2 min read

The Importance of Clean Solvents in Your Parts Washing and Cleaning Applications

Clean solvents are critical for parts washing and cleaning applications because the ...
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